We continue to manage our business in a disciplined and controlled fashion. Our business has performed extremely well over the past 5 years. We have a number of development partnerships and long standing working relationships giving us a strong pipeline of secured construction work for the coming years.

We are also well positioned financially to withstand any industry challenges associated with the Covid-19 crises. Our experience and know-how in building a sustainable construction business following the 2011 recession puts us in a strong position to work through any future slow down.

Our current strategy is to consolidate our operations and capacity in the Irish market focussing on repeat customer business and profitable construction opportunities within our key sectors.

We have a strong balance sheet and Dun and Bradstreet rate our financial strength highly in comparison to other construction companies who operate in our sector.

We prepare our financial accounts to the 31st December each year and our recent turnover can be summarised as follows:

  • Turnover 2020 – €61.49m (Audited & Filed)
  • Turnover 2021 – €63.47m (Audited & Filed)
  • Turnover 2022 – €92.56m (Audited & Filed)
  • Turnover 2023 – €118.8 (Management)
  • Turnover 2024 – €123.0m (Forecast)

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