BioMarin International Limited, Shanbally, Co. Cork
Construction Period
November 2015 – February 2016
Design Team
Project Managers
Malachy Walsh & Partners, Park House, Mahon Technology Park, Bessbora Road, Blackrock, Cork

To accommodate the further expansion of the facility in Cork, Vision Contracting Ltd. was engaged as Main Contractor and PSCS to carry out the enabling works for the new proposed Administration building.
The works involved the construction of a new contractor’s car park and associated lighting, new contractor’s compound and contractor’s area, along with the site clearance and the reduced level excavation to formation level for the proposed Administration building. A new security building was constructed and an existing security building demolished as it was within the proposed footprint of the new building. As part of our scope we had to change over all the systems that were controlled in the existing security building, which included the Fire Alarm System, HVAC System, Access Control System, Lighting & Power systems and the shunt trip for the MV panel. The existing firemain had to be diverted and new utility services including ducting were installed as part of our scope.

• A large proportion of this work involved diverting live services so co-ordination with BioMarin was crucial to ensure there was no down time on any of their systems.
• The main access road where all the services were being diverted through had to remain open at all times.
• Extensive CCTV & Data fit-out with linkage to main Plant facility.

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