Monkstown Parish,
New Parochial House, Monkstown,
Co. Cork.

Construction Period
May – December 2014

Design Team
Cook Architects,
Carey House,
5 Albert Street, Cork.

Structural Consulting Engineers
Kieran J Barry & Associates Ltd.
Cilldarragh Hs, Ferney Road,
Carrigaline, Co. Cork.

This project comprised of an extension and the complete refurbishment of the existing Oratory building which was built in 1923. A new extension to the original Oratory, Sacristy, communal room, kitchen, toilet facilities with associated services, external works and retaining walls were constructed as part of the redevelopment works.

• The Oratory site is bounded by the busy N28 road which is the primary route for traffic to & from the Ferry Port and the Lower Cork Harbour industrial areas.
• Traffic Management Plans were used extensively during the refurbish ment works.
• Significant dates that could not be cancelled by the Church Authorities were met during the construction phase.

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