BioMarin Waste Water Treatment Plant, Cork,

BioMarin International Limited,
Shanbally, Co. Cork

Construction Period
November 2016 – October 2017

Design Team
Malachy Walsh and Partners,
Blackrock, Co. Cork

Vision Contracting Ltd. were appointed Main Contractor and PSCS, to carry out the civil works associated with this project. The project included, bulk excavation, CFA and ODEX piling and the construction of several water retaining structures with a combined capacity of over 5 million litres of liquid, including a Storm Water Divert Tank, Equalisation Tank Bunds and Potable and Firewater Storage Tanks. Approx. 3000cu.m of concrete was used in the construction of the primary structures with the largest pour consisting of c400cu.m of concrete.

The works also included, the installation of over 300m of a fully welded 700mm diameter hdpe pipe to an outfall on the foreshore, this involved pipe ramming, through a substantial  landscaped berm and the installation of several large chambers with removable spool pieces en-route, the installation of new double contained stainless steel and polypropylene process pipework and chambers, potable and firewater pipework, storm and foul drainage and power and communications ducts.

All the new services were laid adjacent to the existing operation; critical live services with final connections/cross overs taking place out-of-hours, to minimise disruption to manufacturing operations. In addition to the primary structures, a number of ancillary structures were constructed, including, a new MCC room, a TOC room, several concrete hardstands, pump-houses and pumping chambers, 2 large petrol interceptors were installed and several retaining walls in reinforced concrete and gabion basket construction. Access to the new treatment plant was facilitated by the construction of a new master plan asphalted access road linking the new facility to the existing site road network.

  • The project was successfully completed on schedule, which enabled the client to complete final separation from the neighbouring, Pfizer Ireland Treatment Plant.
  • All water retaining structures and drainage networks were successfully bund tested.
  • Works were carried out in live pharmaceutical environment.
  • Extensive traffic management procedures were implemented on site to facilitate the works while retaining access to the main plant and other construction projects taking place during the same period.
  • Existing services had to be retained until final cross over to the new system.
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